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The gold has been highly-valued both now and always, by all and any nations and generations. The gold has become the first exchange unit in the world. The gold was exchanged for the goods in the year one when the word ‘money’ was unknown!
Well, than money was appeared so try to guess: what was t it made of? Of gold, you got it! A gold coins represented two values at once: at the first, it was a quantity unit of exchange; at the second, such a unit was supported with a real god equivalent! That time people had never thought over either had not been afraid of devaluations and crises (that occur so often nowadays) because they held real savings in hand. If even currencies were changed, the worth of their savings was completely preserved!
Advantages of the Gold
Nowadays it is highly dangerous to safe gold coins: they can be stolen simple and easy.
Currently, when as paper money as digital monetary units is broadly used, your capital should be supported by the gold. It is ultimately efficient in respect of investments. Both gold coins and articles of jewellery are not rank first. Golden articles of jewellery represent the visual beauty that has no evaluation from the investment point of view. In addition, you buy the gold of very low purity (in respect of the pure gold) at price sometimes surpassing the pure gold prices! The coins cost a little more than articles of jewellery because coins are made of gold of higher purity. However, you cannot avoid overpayment for coinage and exclusive visual appearance that does contribute further investments. Gold bars are an ideal proportion of minimal production investments to maximally efficient quantity of pure gold!
The Gold as a Kind of Investments
They are, and they will be. They are the soundest investments in the world. Thanking their nature they do not under go any economic cataclysms. The gold is the most important element of the global financial system. This metal neither spoils nor burns. It does not corrode. In addition, its reserves are extremely limited meanwhile the scope of its use (in industry, medicine and other branches) continues widening every day! The index of gold reserves also confirms it.
Gold Mining
People have been miming the gold since its discovery and valuing.
The first systemic gold mining was mentioned 3 thousand years before Christ. It took place at the Middle East. It may be the reason that the United Arab Emirates are considered the golden centre of the Earth. The gold is one of the heaviest metals so its mining is not very complicated. The most famous methods of gold mining is washing (it is the initial one). In the ancient times people use pans where spilt rock pieces and then washed out everything that was easier than the gold, by means of water current. The rest that remained was the pure product.
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